Foreign body hooks with metal spiral

Foreign Body Hooks with metal spiral Ø 2,3 mm removable inner part, without Handle


Handle for für Foreign Body Hooks in metal spiral with LL- Connection


Item-No.Length in mmHook shape
DS-16-23-101600 mm3 sharp Hooks
DS-18-23-10 1800 mm3 sharp Hooks
DS-23-23-10 2300 mm3 sharp Hooks
DS-16-23-11 1600 mm4 sharp Hooks
DS-18-23-11 1800 mm4 sharp Hooks
DS-23-23-11 2300 mm4 sharp Hooks
DR-16-23-101600 mm3 round Hooks
DR-18-23-10 1800 mm3 round Hooks
DR-23-23-10 2300 mm3 round Hooks
DR-23-23-11 2300 mm4 round Hooks
Griff für Fremdkörpergreifer LL- Anschluß
HG-10-12-02Handle with clamp screw